Bird Listers Corner


gulls in California

Western, Heerman’s and Glaucous-winged Gulls in California – R. Cunningham

Bird Lister’s Corner is an opportunity for PAFN club members to list their most recent total number of Life birds in four recognized categories. It is a great opportunity for club members to share in some friendly competition and to watch and measure your own progress over the upcoming months and years.

The four categories include:

Pembroke Circle (50 km circle) Pembroke Count Circle

Ontario (anywhere in the province of Ontario)

North America (ABA area-Canada and the United States including Alaska but excluding Hawaii).

ABA website ABA 2011 checklist

World – Includes all bird species from anywhere in the world including the ABA area. Must not include duplicates- a Mallard is a Mallard no matter what country. If there are any doubts, Latin names of the two birds must be compared. For example the Northern Gannet is not the same as the Gannet in Europe (two different Latin names).

To register, just forward your total life bird number for each of the categories and your best new lifer bird for each category and where you saw it to Ken Hooles at

for example: Pembroke Circle – 120 ( Rufous Hummingbird, etc. The list will be updated quarterly including the best new Lifer bird.

Bird Lister’s Corner     ( March 15, 2019)


Ken Hooles             1123              African Penquin                      Cape Hope .SA

Christian Renault    860               Yellow-crowned Gonolek      Burkino Faso

Mike Macdonald     666               Barnacle Goose                        Nova Scotia

Sandra MacDonald   580              Slaty-backd Gull                     Nova Scotia

Manson Fleguel       563                Thick-billed Murre                  Renfrew County

Susan Ellis                 526              Boat -billed Heron                     Costa Rica

Rob Cunningham    365                Long-billed Curlew                   California

Martin Roncetti       272                 Glossy Ibis                                 New Brunswick

Ken Brown               234                 Tufted Titmouse                            New York


ABA Area

Ken Hooles                  580              Aplomado Falcon                       Texas

Jacques Bouvier          555              Anna’s Hummingbird                 Carleton, Ontario

Manson Fleguel           543               Thick-billed Murre                     Renfrew County

Christian Renault       520               Blue Bunting                                 Texas

Mike MacDonald        512               Barnacle Goose                             Nova Scotia

Sandra MacDonald     455               Slaty-backed Gull                         Nova Scotia

Rob Cunningham        350               Elegant Tern                                 California

Vincent Agnesi            299                Golden Eagle                                 Fort Colonge, QC

Mark Dojczman          243                White-crowned Pigeon                  Pembroke, Ont

Martin Roncetti          230                 Glossy Ibis                                      New Brunswick



Jacques Bouvier       346                 Black-throated Gray Warbler   Ottawa

Ken Hooles                318                 Say’s Phoebe                        Algonquin Park

Rob Cunningham     286                 Say’s Phoebe                         Algonquin  Park

Mike MacDonald     279                  Brambling                              North Bay

Christian Renault    244                   Pacific Loon                            Cobden

Mark Dojczman      242                    White-crowned Pigeon         Pembroke  Ont

Martin Roncetti       213                     Ivory Gull                              Pembroke Ont

Ken Brown               146                      Gyrfalcon                              Ottawa


Pembroke Circle

Manson Fleguel            281                  Dickcissel                                Pembroke

Ken Hooles                    275                  Thick-billed Murre               Cobden

Jacques Bouvier            249                  Thick-billed Murre                Cobden

Christian Renault         240                  Lincoln Sparrow                     Sheenboro

Rob Cunningham          229                  Lark Sparrow                         Eganville

Mike MacDonald          224                    Sabine’s   Gull                          Lake Dore


Congratulations to Christian and Susan for their significant sightings on their world lists. Congrats Ken Brown on your three new additions to your lists especially for the winter period and to others who have been able to add to their lists. Good luck this Spring.